iPhone App

How to configure ParaChat's iPhone App.  Use the same instructions for iPad. 




Step 1


Search for ParaChat in Apple's App Store or click the image to the right.   image360.gif



Step 2


Download and install the ParaChat App    




Step 3


Find the installed ParaChat App.




Step 4


Launch the ParaChat App




Step 5


The first time you launch the ParaChat App you must enter a user name and configure which server and room you would like to use.


A pop-up screen will appear with the message "Please enter a username by touching the info button before logging in". Touch OK.




Step 6

Touch the info button to set a user name. The info button can be found in the lower right hand corner of the screen.


image375.gif               image377.gif


Step 7


The pre-populated information will connect you with our ParaChat Basic service. This will allow you to gain instant access to take our ParaChat App for a test drive. Once the correct information is entered, click on Done.



To configure a specific chat room, please follow Step 8 through Step 15.


image376.gif             image378.gif


Step 8

Click on the Home symbol image380.gif. Then touch the






Step 9

Click on the Settings icon image381.gif in the lower right hand corner of the app.




Step 10

Click on the Preferences button.




Step 11

Modify the Site Name, Room Name & User Name under the Network Settings area to match the server you are connecting to. If you are not already given this information you can find out how to get this information by visiting here.  


If your user name requires a password, enter it under the Saved Passwords area, User Password.


Click on Done.


image384.gif            image385.gif



Step 12

Click on the Server Selection button.




Step 12

Modify the Server Selection to the Server you need to connect to. Click on Done.



image386.gif            image387.gif



Step 13

Since you modified either a Site Name or Server Selection, you will need to shut down the ParaChat App and restart it. This allow a new configuration file to be downloaded for the new room you are trying to gain access to. To restart the ParaChat App, follow Steps 14 through Steps 18.



Step 14

Press the Home button once to close the ParaChat App.




Step 15

Press the Home button twice very quickly to see all the running Apps.




Step 16

On the bottom of the screen press and hold the ParaChat App icon until it wiggles in place. As it does this you will see a red minus sign image393.gif displayed in all the running Apps upper left hand corner. Press the red minus sign to close The ParaChat App.





Step 17

Press the Home button once to remove the option to close any other Apps. Press the Home button one more time to bring up the main screen. Click on the ParaChat App icon to launch the ParaChat App.






Step 18

Press the Sign In button.